Student Online Registration

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All continuing IU students can now securely register their courses online. Student registration is done beginning of every semester: January, May and September.

Before going to the online system to register for the units, please make sure you have consulted at your faculty to know the correct units you are supposed to register as well as exemptions, if any.

How to use the online registration of units

Go to the IU website ( in the home page, under Spotlight, click online registration, and click register now

How to Login

Students require a username (IU Student Number e.g. KSPS/10/0222) and a password (your ID N0,Your guardian's ID Number or Passport No -- the one that you gave during enrollment/Previous registration).

Unit selection

After logging in select your faculty program.

Depending on course, please specify the billing category, this is either Stage or Unit/Subject based billing.

Choose Either Option (a) or (b)

(a) Stage-based Registration/Billing

If your stage has no exemptions or you are picking units only from one stage, you can select stage option. This will enable you to register all the units in that stage. You will also be billed per stage. This option restricts unit exemptions and again you cannot select units from different stages or programs. Follow the steps below for Stage based Registration/Billing;

  1. Select Faculty
  2. Select Programme/Course
  3. Select Stage/Level
  4. Select mode of study
  5. Specify the billing category (by Stage) - All units will be displayed
  6. Register for stage ( all units registered)
  7. Click on Preview Proforma Invoice
  8. Submit and Log out

(b) Unit-based Registration/Billing

If you are registering for a course with exemptions or if you desire to select units in different stages/ programs, kindly select unit/subject option. This will enable you to pick all the units of your choice and also allow for exemptions. You will be billed per unit in this option.Follow the steps below for Unit/Subject Registration/Billing;

  1. Repeat the above steps until step 4
  2. Specify the billing category (by Unit/Subject)
  3. Select all the units of your choice in your stage/Level
  4. Click register for all the selected units.
  5. Go back to the top and Select Units from Other Programmes and stage
  6. Follow the same instructions as above to register your additional units
  7. Click on Preview Proforma Invoice
  8. Submit and Log out

Proforma Invoice

Once you have selected and registered for the units, click on Preview Proforma Invoice

Submit and Log out

You must click submit button to successfully complete your registration.

You can then download and print the Proforma invoice and pay to the amount due to the bank.


  1. Effective dates for online registration for year 2012
    • First semester: 15-12-2011 to 14-01-2012
    • Second semester: 15-04-2012 to 12-05-2012
    • Third semester: 15-08-2012 to 08-09-2012
  2. The online system uses a secure connection and you will be asked to confirm security certificate: Please accept all the dialogue boxes.
  3. Should you have any trouble registering for your units online, send an email to , or stating your student number and a brief explanation.
  4. Kindly avail the bank slip to the cashier for the official receipt before proceeding to class

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