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Welcome to the library web pages. International University of Professional Studies Library is a highly valued partner in teaching, learning, research and consultancy at the university. The IUPS Library is an active, inviting centre for information discovery and the celebration of knowledge. We offer a collection of close to 9,000 volumes in print, over 25,000 e-journal titles and a host of other resources packaged in DVDs and CD ROMs in different subject areas. Our mission is to innovatively provide and promote access to quality electronic and other information resources necessary for supporting the University’s teaching, learning, research, consultancy and community service roles.

In line with our mission, we leverage on ICT to provide efficient and effective services to our university community. This includes automation of key services such as circulation and enhanced access to various professional electronic journals, past papers and electronic books. In the near future, our users will be able to access a wide variety of information resources through our digital library which we are currently building.

We recognize that some users may not have had prior experience in using technology-mediated information resources especially the Internet-based ones. For that reason, we normally conduct training sessions for new users every semester. Those who have undergone this training have evidently become better users of the library. We therefore advise all new users to check out their scheduled sessions with their respective HoDs or librarians at the issue desk so that they do not miss out on this important training.

We welcome suggestions for improvements and comments about our services. If you have any questions about finding what you need in the library just give us a call or drop us an e-mail or ask a librarian at the issue desk.

Thank you and welcome.

John Lilech - University Librarian

Contact librarian:

T +254 020 3750255-8


Students and staff are allowed to borrow books from the library for different durations as indicated below:


Items on loan can be reserved or booked at the issue desk or directly by the interested user through the Web OPAC. Items are reserved for only three days after they are checked in.


The Librarian reserves the right to recall borrowed materials. Users are requested to promptly respond to the recall notice to avoid fines. Recalled materials must be returned directly to a staff member at the circulation desk. Borrowing privileges will be denied if materials are not returned when recalled.


Photocopying is done at the Multimedia and Electronic Resource Center (MERC) at a charge that is determined by the University. Books may be photocopied to a limited extent while observing the Copyright Law.

Information Search

The library assists users in finding information from different information sources in various ways. Other than providing the useful access points with which users can locate information resources, the library does actual information search for interested users by searching its own collection, remote databases and the Internet. A search request form is available at the circulation desk.

Selective Dissemination of Information (SDI)

This is a service that is targeted at professional users. It aims at providing them with the most current references to newly published articles on topics of their ongoing interest. Different sources are contacted in order to make the service as comprehensive as possible. If you wish to join other professionals in enjoying this service, please fill in the User Profile form at the circulation desk. You may also wish to download the form or fill and submit it online.

Information on how to access the below databases can be obtained at the issue desk in the library. New information regarding these resources is also posted on the notice boards.

Note: Accesss restricted by service provider

» Oxford English Dictionary

» International Journal of Foundations of Computer Science (IJFCS)

» Gale Group

» Blackwell Publishing

» Oxford Journals

» EBSCO Host

» Wiley InterScience

» Emerald Group Publishing Limited

» Springer

» African Journals Online

» Beech Tree Publishing

» Mary Ann Liebert Publishers, Inc

» Cambridge Journals Online


» Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

» Taylor & Francis Journals

» University of California Press- Caliber

» University of Chicago Press

Users are also encouraged to consult the free e-resources that are available through PERI.

How do I become a member of IUPS Library?

All students and staff of IUPS are members by default. Membership is open to all registered students of the University and members of staff and faculty. Others including alumni and approved professionals may use the library with permission from the University Librarian. For students once you receive your University ID, kindly present yourself to the University library for library registration. Your details such as your names, contacts, admission number and course of study will be picked so that an account can be created for you in the library system to enable you borrow books among other library functionalities.

How many books can I borrow at a time and for how long?

Degree students are allowed to borrow a maximum of three (3) books. Certificate students are allowed to borrow a maximum of two (2) books and staff members a maximum of four (4) books. Loan period varies can either be 2 weeks (long loan period) or 2 days (short loan period). Check the due date stamped on the date due slips found at the verso of the cover date and ensure you return the book on or before that date to avoid penalties. If you are not through with the book before the due date, you can have it renewed for a few more days after which you have to bring the book back to the library for other users to access too. Audio visual materials, earphones and reference cannot be borrowed or taken outside the library

Can I borrow items using another patron’s Identity Card?

It is prohibited to use other people's ID or library cards to borrow Library items.

What should I do if I lose my student/staff card and I still want to borrow books from the Library?

Arrangements should be made very quickly by the person who has lost the Card to get a new card because they will not be issued with books from the library until they show their cards. To acquire new cards, students should see the registrar’s office and for university staff members see the University Librarian. It’s also important that you notify the library of the loss for any necessary action before you acquire a new one. Issuing of Library materials is strictly done using the card.

How do I use the Library catalogue (OPAC)?

The Online Public Access Catalogue (OPAC) is a list of all library information materials. The OPAC link is found on the student or staff intranet under library. You must have some details of what you are looking for, e.g. Author, subject, title, keyword or ISBN. Check the appropriate tab, type your search term and click search. Click on the title you prefer and note down the corresponding call number. Use the call number to retrieve the book from the shelves.

How do I know about the status of borrowed library items and the deadline for returning?

There are two ways to check, (1) Patron can enter the library catalogue homepage through the University intranet in any computer terminal, or anywhere through the university website by clicking on Library and then OPAC links. Once a user has accessed the OPAC homepage, they may Login using their credentials (username and Password) .Once successfully logged in, users will see a listing of all the books in their custody including details of when they are due by clicking on Current Transactions option. (2) The due date is always indicated on a date due slip found at the verso of the cover page of every book you borrow. Check on it and return the book on or before the due date to avoid penalties. If those options fails, please come to the Library help desk and ask for assistance

How do I renew my books?

Renewing books refers to extending the deadline of the borrowed books in a limited period. Renewal can only be transacted before the due date. Each book can only be renewed once, and each time can only be extended by specified period depending on category of the book (long loan you are added one week and short loan 2 days.). There are three ways to renew books:

  1. Renew online. Login using your credentials (username and Password) in the OPAC .Once successfully logged in, you will see a listing of all the books in your custody including details of when they are due. Click on renew to renew the books and check the next due date the system gives you.
  2. Take the books you want to renew to the circulation desk, and the staff will help you.
  3. You may also come with your library card at the Circulation desk for renewal.

Can a patron with overdue library items continue to borrow?

Accounts of patrons with overdue items are automatically locked out by the system. This means that they cannot continue to borrow until they return the overdue items and further pay the accrued fines.

Why is it that a book is indicated as available in the OPAC, but cannot be traced on the shelves?

Our library is open-shelf and some readers leave books around, which results in this situation. Please ask for clarification at the circulation desk.

What do I need to have/do if I want to do photocopying/printing within the Library?

Incase you want to make a copy of an information material photocopying services are provided at the Bureau located on the ground floor. Photocopying strictly observe the copy right laws which does not allow photocopying a large portion of a book. You need to leave behind you university ID at the circulation counter and collect it on returning the library information material.

Why do I have to leave my bag with the security?

For security reasons. Although the IUPS library trusts all its users, in the past and in other university libraries, some clients have been found to have left the library with information materials they did not legally borrow. Also within the library some clients complain that they left their bags in the library and later did not find it. So for your security and for the security of information materials, your bag should be left with the security at the entrance. You can be assured your bag is safe with the security personnel.

Have you subscribed to any on-line databases or journals?

The Library has subscribed to various electronic databases, books and journals. The various online resources provide access to over 25,000 journal titles with full-text articles and/or indexing and abstracts of academic journals covering social sciences, humanities, general science, multi-cultural studies, education, information technology, law, mathematics, life and physical sciences, computer science and much more. The databases include:

How do I access electronic journals?

On this window go to the right hand side and click on the ‘E-Resources’ tab and select the journal or the database you want to access. The link you choose will lead you to the homepage of the journal/database.

Why can't I access electronic databases or journals from outside the campus?

When a library signs a license with a vendor for a product, the library provides a list of IP addresses that represent the parent organization’s network to the vendor of the resource. When a person attempts to access a restricted resource such as EBSCO Host Databases, the vendor's system checks the user's IP address. If the address falls within the range of addresses associated with one of their customer libraries, access is allowed. This arrangement works very well for those people who access the resource within the organization's network, but it fails to provide access to home users and others on a computer with an IP address associated with an independent Internet service provider (ISP).

Can I recommend a material for purchase?

Yes. Recommendations are made through the Collection Development Librarian. One can also recommend for material purchase at the Circulation/Issue Desk.

How can I communicate to the library?

Contact University Librarian: Telephone: +254 020 3750255-8 Email: librarian@iu.ac.ke

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