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IUPS has well established programs in law including a student attachment program to enhance and improve as part of their training their advocacy skills

Our mission as a faculty is to provide market oriented legal education and training to aspiring lawyers and legal assistants through our in-house program and our very able affiliations

As you engage our site, we hope you will discover new information, ideas, and inspiration drawn from our core values and that you will give our distinguished faculty the chance to offer relevant market training. If you are a prospective student, consider joining the next generation of innovative lawyers.

If you are a supporter, your resource and input will make a difference by providing new opportunities, promote service or training and solutions. We are committed as a faculty to the development and implementation of innovative entrepreneurial industry driven legal services projects through research and study towards accelerated growth and competitiveness of our students.

Fred Wakimmani - Ag. Chairman, School of Law



Degree courses, Diploma courses, Certificate courses offered at .

» Diploma in Law

The Diploma in Law teaches you the foundational subjects studied in an undergraduate law degree in just one year. This subject allows you to learn about the ethical challenges a lawyer might face once in practice. Instruction in the use of legal materials and legal research methods (including how to use legal databases) is an integral part of the course.


  • To demonstrate an understanding of concepts of substantive law.
  • To competently perform procedural tasks in a law office and/or legal department.
  • To exhibit thorough knowledge of the Kenyan Legal System.
  • To competently assist in the running of a modern law office or legal department.
  • To conduct legal research.
  • To demonstrate social and professional ethics befitting the legal profession.
  • To enroll for an LL.B degree course at any University.

Admission Requirements:

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (KCSE) with at least minimum mean grade of ā€˜Cā€™ with C+ in English language.
  • Kenya Advanced Certificate of Education (KACE) with at least 1 principal pass and 2 subsidiary passes.
  • Division III or higher in KCE or EACE and with credit in English language

Duration : 2 years.

Mode of study: Full-time and Part-time

Intakes : January, May, September

Students with a Diploma in Law have many options when it comes to their career. A few students choose to be paralegals, which is an excellent option for getting practical introduction to the legal profession. Paralegals assist lawyers in the running of the law firms as well as communicating with clients.

Should the student decide to pursue a law degree, they are equipped with a good solid understanding of the law and practice, essential for a successful law related career. With the Law diploma in hand, the graduate is then presented with several career options to choose from such as Law enforcement, Heads of corporations, Business management in business or public organizations. The practical knowledge coupled with the ethical values instilled in them, as integral part of the course, makes them ideal candidates for employment. This is often because they are trusted to maintain the law, and to practice business in a completely legal and an ethical fashion.

Intellectual Property courses

The School of Law programs equip the students with the skills and knowledge needed to manage and work with Intellectual property, its general knowledge, registration and management. The objective of the course is to provide the trainee with a broad overall perspective of Intellectual Property (IP), the rationale for protecting IP and the role of IP to development.

Target Group

  • Secondary school leavers who would like to pursue a career in Intellectual property
  • Professionals including but not limited to technical, legal, managerial and administrative domains working in organizations, Public Sector Undertakings, SMEs and Kenyan & foreign companies
  • Graduates, post-graduates & PhDs in sciences, engineering, technology, biotechnology, pharmacy, Information Technology, telecom, Literature and arts, who are seeking advanced career-oriented knowledge in the IP-related field. This course is also useful for to-be Intellectual Property lawyers and Professionals

» Certificate in Intellectual Property

The advent of digital media and the Internet have created an enormous demand for managers and professionals familiar with current intellectual property issues.

This certificate provides a comprehensive study, beginning with the nature and scope of intellectual property rights, and gives students tools for valuing and managing such rights.

It is the foundational course for students who wish to pursue additional a diploma course in the IP. This is also the best choice for students who plan to take a single IP course as a supplement to another course stream.

Admission Requirements:

  • Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education (K.C.S.E) minimum D+. Any other qualification recognized by the senate.

Duration : 4 months.

The course is for people embarking on a career in intellectual property (IP) law and practice

» Diploma in Intellectual Property

This course is designed to give grounding in the fundamentals of IP law and related fields, including topics on patent, trademark and copyright law, international treaties administered by WIPO or entered into pursuant to the TRIPS accord, as well as topical issues on piracy, e-commerce, media, arts, or indigenous knowledge and folklore.

Admission Requirements:

  • A pass in Certificate in Intellectual Property
  • A Minimum of a Diploma in any course from a recognized Institution
  • Any other equivalent qualification

Duration : 1 year

A diploma in IP course will open many opportunities for participants who wish to seek job opportunities in areas of IP, evolving domestic industries, outsourcing companies, law firms, Government and business Institutions.

» Higher Diploma in Intellectual Property

has put together this unique, international ā€“ standard, course that is intended to provide comprehensive knowledge about different types of Intellectual Property (IP), related statutes, the filing procedures, important case laws, infringement issues and strategies for protection with focus on the Kenyan IP laws and procedures.

The program is designed for science, engineering, law graduates, post graduates, working professionals and corporate teams. The curriculum has been designed and developed by Academicians, IP Attorneys, Patent Agents, and Domain Experts with the objective of providing in-depth understanding of the subject of IP generation, protection, commercialization and management and to build employable skills in this area. The opportunity to combine classroom training with real-world experience is one of the most valuable components of this program.

Students are able to progress from this programme onto A Bachelor Degree in Intellectual Property Law.

Admission Requirements:

  • Diploma in Intellectual Property or
  • Degree from a recognized University or any other equivalent Qualification recognized by the Senate.

Duration : 1 year.

An advanced diploma in IP provides a platform in IP and related services, making it a potential career opportunity. On completion of the course, participants can seek attractive IP-related jobs in Law Firms, Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) companies, IP & Legal departments of Corporate, Government.

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