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We look back with great satisfaction at what we have managed to achieve so far.But this achievement could not have been possible if no one stood with us. But because you encouraged us; offered us invaluable support; gave us a stick to lean on, we managed to soldier on.

As we celebrate our achievements let us remember we have no time to rest. We are today embarking on yet another long journey…the journey into International University of Professional Studies.

Many would ask me, why investors in education? Education is like a cash crop. It is also a very powerful weapon. As a cash crop, education can with stand both El Nino and a prolonged drought. It is a cash crop that grows best under green drip irrigation. With persistence, consistence and seriousness of purpose, it will grow very well in a fertile mind.

As a weapon, education is the only weapon that can be used to change people and the world. It is a readily available weapon for those who hunger for it. It is a powerful tool which cannot be repossessed, alienated or auctioned by anybody. Investing in education is a marathon; not sprint. It is not for those who want a quick fix, and it is definitely not a get rich quick venture. It has a long gestation period with the fulfilling rewards. For the young people of this great nation of Kenya, vision 2030 will just be a dream if we do not fuel it with education.

So let there be no doubt: the future belongs to the nation that best educates its citizens --, we have everything we need to achieve vision 2030. We have the resources, the most renowned scholars. We have innovative managers, passionate teachers and gifted students.  We have parents whose only priority is their children’s' education. We have a legacy of excellence, and an unwavering belief that our children should climb higher than we did.

We need to prepare our people for good jobs in high-growth industries; we need to prepare self-empowered and self-employed Kenyans; Kenyans with the right skills and knowledge, attitude and integrity. We need to improve access to job training not only  for young people who are just starting their careers, but the older ones who need new training to remain relevant or improve on their careers.

At IUPS, we shall strive to make sure that lifelong learning is a reality and a possibility for more Kenyans..; in the process we will see more Kenyans earn a college degree, or receive advanced training, and pursue successful careers.

Here at IUPS, we shall ensure our student’s benefits from a quality learning environment that helps them exploit their potential to the full and be the best they can. We want to open education to all. We want to make education relevant and accessible to all. We shall be flexible, affordable and understanding.

As we grow, our vision is to have an open university. We want to leverage on information and communication technology to achieve this vision.  Indeed, we shall leverage on innovation, creativity and technology to deliver relevant education. We want to be a 21st century university that sharpens the minds. Teacher, chalk and board is not in our future plans. To reach all corners of the country and impart knowledge and skills, we shall explore the use of electronic media; take advantage of digital villages and the capacity created by the coming of the fibre optic.

An educated society is a free society that is why in a 21st century world where jobs can be shipped wherever there is an internet connection, where your best job qualification is not what you do, but what you know -- education is nolonger just a pathway to opportunity and success, it is a prerequisite for success.

We can make of our lives what we will by being proactive; putting first things first and keeping our commitment to our commitments. Because we begun with the end in mind, I believe our best days lie ahead. I truly believe that, if I do my part, and all of you do yours, we will forge ahead as a stronger and prosperous institution, and pass the dream of IUPS on to posterity, ever a technology, market-driven innovative world class university.

Hon. F.T Nyammo - Chancellor

university Board of trustees

As Trustees of IUPS, our duty is to ensure a sound university is set up and proper facilities are established to ensure quality higher education is delivered. The members of the University Board of Trustee include;

Arc. David Mutiso Chairman
Mr. Nathaniel Kang’ethe
Dr. Dan Kaagagi
Mr. Samuel Njuguna

the University council

The IUPS Council is tasked with the role of ensuring sound governance of all matters pertaining to the university. The Council is appointed by the Board of Trustees and in turn is tasked with all strategic appointments of the university leadership including but not limited to the Vice Chancellor.

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